Monday, January 30, 2012


When I was little I fell in love with the fashion of the 50's. I loved the poodle skirts, converse, rolled jeans, leather jackets, all of it! Whenever my kids have a decade day at school I always try to get them to dress up from the 50's. When Kayla over at Freckles in April posted our prompt for today I was so excited to get to have a decade day of my own. I tried to create an outfit that was true to the decade but not to costumey, I hope I succeeded!

 This is my cool Fonzie pose.
 This is me laughing at my cool Fonzie pose.


  1. I love the low top Chucks with that sweater. You're the first '50s inspired that I've seen not wearing a skirt. Way to change it up!


  2. You totally pulled it off, you look so great! I especially love those pants! And the Fonzie pose! ;)

  3. I agree with Courtney! And I also love that you did 50s with red skinnies! Super cute.

  4. such a cute way to modern 50s.