Monday, November 7, 2011

Making Life Better

Over the last few weeks I have had one of these following me around. I am not normally a gloom and doom kind of person, actually I am the opposite, I am that annoyingly happy person you usually want to strangle. So this cloud has been making me question what is going on in my life.
After several days of searching and a long, tear-filled talk with my hubby, my cloud has started to move off into the distance. But during that long talk I decided I needed to set some goals and accomplish some things to help keep me out of my funk. Today was the first day of this journey and I must say it was a successful day. I feel great today and very accomplished. Sometimes it takes me awhile to realize I have fallen away from the things I hold dear, but I always feel better when I jump on the trail again. Staying close to a loving Heavenly Father always makes life better.

Shirt, Bracelet: AE, Pants: NY&Co., Boots: Famous Footwear, Necklace: Etsy

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let there be Light

First, a disclaimer, I am not one of those people who puts up their Christmas tree the day after Halloween and leaves it up until Valentine's Day. (and if you are, it's okay.)

However, I am a fan of getting those pesky house lights up before the first snowfall, and since you just never know when that's going to be in Utah, you gotta get those lights up early! Oh, and by me, I totally mean my husband. He literally sat on our roof in a blizzard last year putting on the last of our lights because there was going to be a huge storm, that dumped tons of snow, that wouldn't melt until sometime in late March.

For the last two days he has been putting up our lights and informed me this morning we were running  are out of those little clip thingys that hold the lights on the roof. He asked me if I could pick up more while I was at the grocery store. Well, they don't carry those kind at the grocery store. Three stores later I found the kind we have. Hopefully those lights will be done tomorrow because, you guessed it, there is a big storm headed our way!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out and About

Over the past few months my life has been crazy hectic getting ready for our cruise and helping my son get ready for his mission. The past two days have been blissfully quiet and it has been nice to hang out around the house and get some things done that I have wanted to do. However, after a few days of not going anywhere I needed to go out and about for awhile today. Since I didn't need to go anywhere specific I headed to my favorite place, the Mall. I don't have much money in the ol' budget right now, so I just window shopped and  got lots of ideas for my Christmas list. (yikes! Christmas, who wants to think about that!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I have this weird thing about numbers, I don't know why but I like them. Which is weird because I hate math. I love seeing coincidences in numbers or sequence of numbers in random places, it just make me smile. So I couldn't pass on the loveliness of today's date 11/1/11. Just wait until 11/11/11 that is going to be a great day!

Because I am a slacker, today you get two outfit posts :)
This is the outfit I wore on Saturday to go out on a date with my cute hubby and our best friends. I love our monthly date night with them and always look forward to lots of fun and laughter.

This is the outfit I am wearing today :)