Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do Teenagers Have Legs?

"Can you drive me to my meeting?" "Can you drive me and my friends to the movies?" "Can you drive me to my friends house?" "Can you pick me up?" "Can you drive me to piano?" "Can you drive me to the school?" "Can you drive me to the church?" These are the kinds of questions I have been getting from my teenager, who is almost 16. It seems like the closer they get to being able to drive the less they are able to walk anywhere, even if it is only up the block! Maybe they do that so you actually want them to get their drivers license!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today was kind of a strange Memorial Day. First off, it is usually warm and today was not warm. What is up with all this rain? Because of the rain we didn't visit family members graves and we didn't have a BBQ. My hubby worked and the kids all went off in different directions with friends. I did manage to sneak in some shopping (love those Memorial Day sales!) But it didn't really feel like Memorial Day.

I would like to say how grateful I am to all those who have served, and currently do serve our country. I am grateful for the freedoms I enjoy because of their service. I have several family members who have served our country and I wish to thank them all for their sacrifice. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Jacket: Forever 21, Shirt: Down East, Pants: Loft, Shoes: DSW

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bring on the Tears

Today was my son's graduation from Seminary. As I sat there watching him receive his diploma I had all kinds of knots in my stomach. This marks the beginning of the steps he is taking towards becoming a grown- up. Seminary graduation is followed by High School graduation this Wednesday. In a few weeks he will be ordained an Elder and start working on his missionary paperwork. I am not sure how I am going to hold it together over the next few months as I watch my baby get ready to leave our nest.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011


In the course of taking pictures, a few bloopers will happen. Here are some of the funny ones!
 Blink! Blink!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Here, but not here...

I have been in lovely California the last few days celebrating my anniversary! So, these pictures are from a few weeks ago. I read a great tip from a fellow blogger, (I can't remember who, sorry!) but I wanted to share it with all of you. When you layer tops it is important to have the hemlines fall at different lengths. I have remembered this and it has really made a difference. Instead of having my cardigan and shirt the same length, I have made sure they are different lengths and it makes the overall outfit look so much better! Give it a try, you will be surprised by what a difference it makes!

Sweater: Old Navy, Shirt: Kohl's, Jeans: NY&Co., Shoes: Gap, Necklace: Lia Sophia

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love to organize things, and when I have a project that involves organizing, I am in heaven.

I found this nifty little hanger and knew it had to by mine.
You see, this is where my scarves are currently stored.

It is so not convenient and it it hard to find anything, plus I forget what is buried in the depths of my drawer. The first thing I did was weed through all of these babies and make sure that they were all worth keeping. Some of them have been sent to the thrift store pile to become the property of someone else. Next, I lined them all up on my bed, in colors.
I love organizing my clothes by color. It makes things easy to find and they do it at the store, so it makes me feel like I am shopping when I look into my closet to find something to wear :)
Last, I stuffed, hung up the scarves. After getting them all on the hanger I realized I need two of these awesome little hangers and I will be picking one up on my next outing to Target!

Happy Organizing!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Ring

Since today is my 20th Wedding Anniversary, I decided to talk a little about my ring(s). A stole got this idea a few months ago from Angie, at YLF. As I was reading her post, I thought "How weird that she has so many wedding rings." Then, I laughed because I myself have three wedding rings!
This is my original wedding ring. When we got married it was very popular to get a marquis cut diamond and when I found this ring with not one, but six, I fell in love! I love how delicate and feminine it looks.
This ring is actually my hubby's ring. He wore it faithfully for many years and still loves it. When he became a Lineman, he could no longer wear his ring (because electricity and metal do not mix) After seeing it sit, unworn, in my jewelry box, I had it sized to fit me. It used to have a design on the band but my hubby wore it off so now it is smooth. I love wearing it!
My hubby gave me this ring for our 15th Wedding Anniversary. It was very sweet, he took me back to the place he originally proposed to me and asked me to marry him all over again, it was very romantic! This is my dress up ring. It is a bit more blingy and tends to catch on things so I don't like to wear it when I am doing menial tasks (like scrubbing toilets) I love this ring and it makes me feel fancy whenever I wear it.
So, there you have it, the tale of three rings. Who knows maybe after today I will have another ring to show you! (Just kidding, hubby, don't panic!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Things We Do For Love...

It's that time again to register my daughter for her dance team. Usually we can register online, this year we had to do it in person. I planned to be there right when it started, I was about 5 min. late. There was a line down two flights of stairs, out the door and around the corner. But, what do you do? I got in line and started my long wait, and then it started raining. It was the craziest thing I have ever done. Waiting in line for hours, in the rain, to sign up for a dance class. Crazy! If it was for myself, I would have bailed after the rain started coming down, but since it was for my daughter...I waited. The things we do for our kids!

These shoes are a little iffy, they make me feel like Minnie Mouse, What do you think? Keep or Toss?
Sweater: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Silver, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Belt and Watch: AE, Jewelry: Lia

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Miracle League

Today my family and I went to watch my adorable nephew play baseball. With three boys I have attended many, many baseball games. But this game was amazing! Every player on this team is handicapped, and they were so adorable and fun to watch. They are in a league called The Miracle League  this league was created to allow handicapped children to have the opportunity to play baseball. Every player has a "buddy" on the field to help them. Every player gets to hit the ball and score. Every player has a huge smile on their face. I just wanted to hug every single player on the field!

Sweater and Pants: NY&Co., Top: Old Navy, Shoes: Kohl's, Necklace: Touch Piece, Earrings: Lia Sophia

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Night

Friday Night

Friday was a crazy day and I totally spaced taking pictures. But this is what I wore. We went to dinner with our best friends. We have been friends with this couple for 16 years and we love being with them. They have taught us so many things and they continue to be there for us. We love spending time with them and we look forward to our monthly night out with them!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Piano Recital

Tonight I got to attend my youngest son's piano recital. All four of my kids play the piano (some of them with much resistance) but he was the only one that performed tonight.  I quit piano when I was in the first grade and I have always wished I could play. Because of that I am forcing giving my kids the opportunity to learn to play. They have an amazing piano teacher who has really taught them so much about music. I love music and listening to them practice. Seeing them perform is my payday!


Sweater: Sears, Shirt: AE, Belt: Rue 21, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Target, Watch: Gift from Hubby, Jewelry: Lia Sophia

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain, Rain...

Yesterday I sang "Rain, Rain go away, come again another day..." Well, the rain did not go away, but it did come again another day. I have a love/hate relationship with rain. When I am home, cuddled up and listening to it outside, I love it. I love the way it smells and washes everything so it looks so clean. I love that it makes the grass, trees and flowers so beautiful. I hate it when I am trying to load 2 weeks worth of groceries into my car and it is drenching me, my car and said groceries. I hate that it makes my hair frizzy and curly. I hate that it makes my hubby have to work late. But, overall, I love rain. When I was little our house had a tin roof and I would love to lay in bed and listen to it. I also love rainbows, they make me feel close to my Heavenly Father. They remind me that He loves me and He always keeps His promises.

Sweater: (which needs to be fixed, oops) JCPenney. Shirt: Target, Belt and Shoes: AE, Jeans: NY&Co.