Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Ring

Since today is my 20th Wedding Anniversary, I decided to talk a little about my ring(s). A stole got this idea a few months ago from Angie, at YLF. As I was reading her post, I thought "How weird that she has so many wedding rings." Then, I laughed because I myself have three wedding rings!
This is my original wedding ring. When we got married it was very popular to get a marquis cut diamond and when I found this ring with not one, but six, I fell in love! I love how delicate and feminine it looks.
This ring is actually my hubby's ring. He wore it faithfully for many years and still loves it. When he became a Lineman, he could no longer wear his ring (because electricity and metal do not mix) After seeing it sit, unworn, in my jewelry box, I had it sized to fit me. It used to have a design on the band but my hubby wore it off so now it is smooth. I love wearing it!
My hubby gave me this ring for our 15th Wedding Anniversary. It was very sweet, he took me back to the place he originally proposed to me and asked me to marry him all over again, it was very romantic! This is my dress up ring. It is a bit more blingy and tends to catch on things so I don't like to wear it when I am doing menial tasks (like scrubbing toilets) I love this ring and it makes me feel fancy whenever I wear it.
So, there you have it, the tale of three rings. Who knows maybe after today I will have another ring to show you! (Just kidding, hubby, don't panic!)


  1. Well, Happy Anniversary! Coincidentally, it's my anniversary today too! May 25 must be a great day to get married, don't you think?

  2. Wow. These are lovely. I LOVE rings so much! I kind of collect them!

    -Heather from