Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love to organize things, and when I have a project that involves organizing, I am in heaven.

I found this nifty little hanger and knew it had to by mine.
You see, this is where my scarves are currently stored.

It is so not convenient and it it hard to find anything, plus I forget what is buried in the depths of my drawer. The first thing I did was weed through all of these babies and make sure that they were all worth keeping. Some of them have been sent to the thrift store pile to become the property of someone else. Next, I lined them all up on my bed, in colors.
I love organizing my clothes by color. It makes things easy to find and they do it at the store, so it makes me feel like I am shopping when I look into my closet to find something to wear :)
Last, I stuffed, hung up the scarves. After getting them all on the hanger I realized I need two of these awesome little hangers and I will be picking one up on my next outing to Target!

Happy Organizing!


  1. I bought two of those (from Target of course) about a month ago to organize my belts but I didn't ever think about my scarves! Another two may be in order!

  2. I WISH I loved organizing, but I don't. My husband has actually offered to hire an organizer to come help me with some projects, like my craft room.

    You have quite a stash of scarves!