Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I just read a really great book, Wear This, Toss That, it had lots of insight about which things in your wardrobe work and why. After reading this I went through my closet and got rid of two huge garbage bags full of clothes, and man did that feel great! I want my closet to be full of things I can't wait to wear, not things I will only wear if it was the last thing in my closet. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am excited about the things that are in there, patiently waiting for me to wear them!

 My arm looks detached in these pictures, weird...

Sweater: Chadwick's, Shirt: Kohl's, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Necklace: Touch Piece, Earrings: Cookie Lee, Watch: Fossil, Bracelets: Lia Sophia

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  1. I love the times of cleaning things out and getting my closet into an organized space! I need to read that book.