Monday, November 7, 2011

Making Life Better

Over the last few weeks I have had one of these following me around. I am not normally a gloom and doom kind of person, actually I am the opposite, I am that annoyingly happy person you usually want to strangle. So this cloud has been making me question what is going on in my life.
After several days of searching and a long, tear-filled talk with my hubby, my cloud has started to move off into the distance. But during that long talk I decided I needed to set some goals and accomplish some things to help keep me out of my funk. Today was the first day of this journey and I must say it was a successful day. I feel great today and very accomplished. Sometimes it takes me awhile to realize I have fallen away from the things I hold dear, but I always feel better when I jump on the trail again. Staying close to a loving Heavenly Father always makes life better.

Shirt, Bracelet: AE, Pants: NY&Co., Boots: Famous Footwear, Necklace: Etsy

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  1. I am so sorry you are going through a bit of a hard time. Goals really help pull me out of myself and help me feel accomplished. I hope they do the same for you! Feel better!