Friday, October 28, 2011

Country Fair

 Today was my youngest son's Country Fair. We have been working on this project and paper for weeks and it's finally done. He did a great job and did most of the work by himself. I sometimes wonder if teachers plan these projects to make parents spend more time with their kids, if so, bring it on, I love working on stuff like this with my kiddos.

I don't love this shirt under the sweater and I tried to not wear it, but it was just to darn cold today! Sometimes warmth wins out over what I think looks good.

Sweater: Gap Outlet, Jeans: Vanity, T-shirt: Wal-Mart, Jewelry: Lia, Boots: Victoria's Secret

1 comment:

  1. Looks like he did a great job with the project! I don't mind doing those type of things either, as long as I'm not the one doing all the work (which I sometimes am) and it's not totally last minute (which it often is!!).

    I seem to have the opposite problem here, I tried to wear a scarf the other day and ended up ripping it off in the car because it was just too hot!