Monday, October 3, 2011

It's that time of year, time to get our annual Flu Shots. There is nothing as exciting as dragging your children to get a shot. They love it so much (insert sarcasm) and my youngest always gets totally sick from it, something to look forward to (insert more sarcasm). I often wonder if it's really worth all the hassle. I hope that by getting this shot I really am protecting my family and not just getting them poked and making them feel terrible for no reason. What is your opinion? Does your family get the flu shot?


  1. Cute Converse!

    I'm so torn on the whole flu shot thing. We all got the sniffing flu shot thing when everyone was panicking a while back about the swine flu. I was sort of okay with it, but several people made me feel like a moron for even doing it, like it was some sort of big government conspiracy to inject us all with mercury or something.

    I usually think the less medical intervention the better, and credit my good health partially to the fact that I've rarely taken antibiotics during my life - .ike that's somehow made me more tough. ;) DH, on the other hand, insists on getting the shot every year whether the rest of us do or not.

    And can we tell a difference? I don't know.

  2. Love the converse! They are classics. Our family gets the flu shots.

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR