Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today was full of change. We got a new bishop in our ward. It is always hard to change such a strong figure in your life. Our outgoing bishopric was amazing. I fully support our new bishopric, it just always makes for lots of change. As they pull these men from their current callings it always starts a domino effect that leads to many changes within the ward. Not that it is a bad thing, just something that takes getting used to.

Today is also my baby's birthday. He is now 11 and growing up way to fast. It's hard to believe my children are all getting so old. Especially because I haven't aged a day past 30!

Yesterday we had our pre-trek walk to the temple. The weather was perfect, and the walk was great. I have hope that I will not die along our trail. Yipee!

Dress: Target, Sweater: Maurice's, Flower: Etsy, Shoes: Online somewhere. Ring: Lia Sophia

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  1. I love these shoes! Online somewhere??? That's not fair! :)