Friday, June 10, 2011

More Prep

Today has been full of more preparations for our Trek. I met with all of the other Ma's this morning to put together a few things for our Trek families, followed by yet another trip to the store. Every time I think I have everything I need, a few more things pop up on my list. I will probably go to the store everyday before we leave.
Tonight my son has another baseball game. Because of all the rained out games we have 6 games in the next 8 days. That is a lot of baseball. My poor hind end will never make it on those hard bleachers for that many games. I guess I will have to walk around and have a snack from the snack bar :)

Jacket: Dress Barn, Shirt: Target, Pants: Gap Outlet, Shoes: Kohl's, Necklace: Etsy, Bracelet and Earrings: Lia

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