Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday is a Special Day...

It's the day you run around like a crazy person to get things done.  The song doesn't really go like that, but that is usually how I feel. Today was filled with preparations for a birthday party for my second oldest son and my hubby. I had a few last minute gifts to buy and two desserts to prepare.

I made this dessert for my hubby for the first time 13 years ago because he doesn't like cake. Now it is his birthday dessert every year. It is so good and so easy!

 T-shirt and Jeans: Target, Shoes: Converse, Jewelry: Lia Sophia
I tried this messy bun that I saw on this cute girls blog. She has such cute style and hair that I am jealous of!

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  1. you and your hair look great! So does that dessert!