Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let the Children Sing!

The Primary Children's Sacrament meeting program was today in our ward. This is one of my favorite days at church, listening to the little kids with their adorable smiles and their quiet voices talk about the Savior and hearing them sing always makes me feel the spirit. This is the last time one of my own children will participate in the program and it has me feeling a little sad. This part of my life is ending and I am longing for the days of having little ones in my home. I love having teenagers but I am entering the phase of my life where my children are starting to leave home and I am not ready to send my little chicks out into the big, bad world.

Jacket: F21, SKirt: JCPenney, Shirt: Maurice's, Belt: AE, Shoes: Nine West, Jewelry: Lia


  1. Love the outfit...the classics of the blazer and khaki are really set off with your pop of color!

  2. Lovely outfit. That must be a little sad to realize it's the last Primary program one of your kids will ever be in, but at least you can sigh with relief knowing that you never again have to worry it may be your child up there picking their nose or breathing heavily into the microphone. ;)