Thursday, February 17, 2011

JA Biz Town

Today I got to spend the day with about 60, 5th graders, and I had a blast. The Junior Achievement City is a real city set up to give kids a chance to see what it is like to be an adult for the day. They were all assigned jobs in a city. They had all different kinds of businesses and they ran the city for a day. Each student also got paid, paid taxes, opened a savings and checking account, they had to make purchases and do their job. It was an ideal way to give kids a chance to see how the world works a little bit. I got to go along and help run the company, with the help of the CEO, CFO and all the other employees at our little business.

I also got to wear this awesome green smock...try not to be jealous.
I had to sneak in the bathroom and get a pic of this little beauty.

Underneath my green smock, this is what I wore...

Striped shirt: Kohl's. White shirt: Shade, Black jeans: Miss Me, Boots: EBay, Belt: Target, Jewelry: Lia Sophia.

(This actually happened on 2/15 but yesterday was wireless Wednesday, so I am just getting to it today. I am a day behind, but I will post it all, don't worry, not that you were, but just in case...)


  1. I love the belt & boots! Sounds like a fun day with the kiddos.
    This brick wall looks great as your background!!

  2. Mmm that belt is delish! How gorgeous!

  3. You look amazing and you outfit is so classy!

    Wanna follow each other?

  4. Great outfit details -belt, ring, earrings. You look great!