Friday, February 11, 2011

Shake Your Booty

Getting dressed today was quite a chore. I won't tell you how many different items I had on (it was quite a lot) but, I finally settled on the first outfit I tried, typical.

I just couldn't decide, you see I am going to a Valentine's dance with my sweetie. Soooo, I wanted something cute to wear that had layers, so when I get warm while shaking my booty, I can shed my outer layer and still look cute.  However, I still wanted to look cute while wearing my outer layer, it was asking a lot out of an outfit.

The overall look turned out okay, not loving the cardigan, but it will keep me warm. I am excited to go dancing, I love spending time with my hubby. (And they usually serve chocolate covered strawberries, YUM!)

Sweater: Forever21, Pink Shirt: Dillards, White T: Shade, Jeans: Lucky, Botos: Journeys, Jewelry: Lia Sophia

1 comment:

  1. Wait, chocolate covered strawberries? How does one get in on this action? ;) You do look adorable, and I'm sure your Hubs will think so, too! Shake, it girl!