Monday, April 18, 2011

Hurts So Good

Today was another day at Physical Therapy for me. They sure love to work over my leg and man does it hurt, but then it feels better. Weird. I dressed more appropriately today and since I had no other errands to run or places to go, I stayed in my comfy clothes all day. It was a good day to be comfy and cozy since it has been raining all day! Days like this make me want to make warm soup and homemade bread, to bad I don't have ingredients for either of those things :)

Shirt: Down East, Vest: Gap, Pants: Target, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Watch: AE


  1. I love your watch and those cute tennis shoes!

  2. Cute sneakers! I need a new pair of go to sneakers for summer.

    Also, I know you follow my blog Cupcake Adventures but I recently changed its url’s (and blog name to Cupcakes and Cardigans) so now the old blog url won’t work. My lack of complex blogging skills did not make me realize this. If you wish to continue following me please follow now at CupcakeandCardigans
    (it should update your Blogger Follower and for Google Reader you may need to re-add this site)
    Thanks and sorry for the confusion.