Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Need a Shower

Today I went to a bridal shower for the most adorable couple. They seriously look like Ken and Barbie, they are so cute! The Groom is the son of our closest friends, we have known them since he was 7 years old. We love their family so much.

As I sat there watching her open all her amazing gifts (seriously, people are so dang creative), I thought about all the crappy kitchen items I own. There are some things in my cupboard that I have had since my own wedding shower, almost 20 years ago. I think that we should start having showers for couples who make it to year #20. What do you think? After 20 years don't you think we could all use a kitchen shower to freshen up all of our worn out utensils? I think so! But since that isn't likely to happen, I guess I will just have to buy my own stuff, or I could buy more shoes and just use my crappy stuff a little longer :)

Jacket: Old Navy, Shirt: Shade, Jeans: NY&Co., Shoes: Online somewhere, Watch: Fossil,
Necklace and Earrings: Lia Sophia


  1. Love your logic. We've been married 10 years and I say the same things...we need new towels an bed linens...someone want to shower us for staying married??? :) haha

  2. Such a cute outfit!! Love those yellow shoes. Thanks for stopping by my blog!