Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blockin it Out

Another day, another fashion stretch for me. I have seen lots of cute ladies doing the color block thing, but I have always been to afraid to try it. But here I am all color blocked. I bought these red pants a few weeks ago but I have only been brave enough to wear them with white. I was really scared to try it with the yellow, but it is growing on me. Thanks, Kayla, for making me push the bounderies on my own comfort level! I also can't wait to try some of the other color combos I saw over on Freckles in April.

In other news, my oldest son purchased his books for his first semester in college, I feel so old. He was quite shocked to see how much money a few books cost. Welcome to the real world baby, it is hard to grow up.

What would you pair with red pants? I am already getting lots of inspiration over
at the 21-day challenge, love it!
Pants: Victoria's Secret, top: Kohl's, Shoes: Target, Jewelry: Lia Sohphia

1 comment:

  1. I love your shoes, watch, and ring. I LOVE the red pants and am dying to get some. I'd wear them like a neutral--with everything :). Purple, navy, yellow, maybe even orange with something to balance the two.