Friday, August 19, 2011

Brown Belt

Today is all about belts! When this style first started coming back in I was a bit hesitant, but once I embraced it, I fell in love! I can take a frumpy ill-fitting shirt, belt it and it looks great! I hope this look stays around a long time.
I spent the afternoon school shopping for my oldest son and now my back to school shopping is officially done! And just in time because school starts next week. I love back to school, the new clothes, the new school supplies and the promise of Fall right around the corner. Every year at this time I wish I was going back to school. 

Shorts and Top: NY&Co., Shoes: Kohl's, Belt: Target, Jewelry: Lia Sophia


  1. wow. great look!!!

    love all the could teach me a thing or 5!!!

  2. The slim-legged shorts are very attractive. They look so polished.