Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Red Shoes

Today is payday, which is good, except that means grocery shopping. You all know it is my least favorite job! Honestly, does anyone like this activity? But, I must admit that going grocery shopping in new red shoes is awesome! I love shoes and new shoes are even better and new RED shoes are the best! Count this as a good day, even though it included shopping for food.

Shirt: Old Navy, Belt and jeans: AE, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Watch: Disneyland :)


  1. That's so funny, I just read my friend's post where she was gushing about how much she ENJOYS grocery shopping!

    I love the new red shoes!

  2. Love the shoes! I would totally go grocery shopping for you if you picked out my clothes everyday. Your outfits are always so cute.