Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skirting the Issue

Today's challenge is wearing a skirt or dress. I wear dresses to church activities, but unless the dress code demands it, I don't wear them. I am not really sure why. I guess because it just seems easier to wear pants. I do like how cool and comfy skirts can be though, maybe if I wear them more often my kids won't say, "Where are you going?" every time I wear a dress or skirt.

Top: Down East Basic, Skirt: NY&Co., Shoes: Dillards, Watch: Disneyland, Jewelry: Lia Sophia


  1. Love the red, white and blue color combo!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  2. Cute! I've been wearing skirts more during the week so my kids and husband have stopped asking me why already. ;) It really is cooler, it's just hard to wrap my brain around the idea.

  3. I don't really wear skirts or dresses that often either (well except for church of course). There aren't many places left that require us to really get dressed up anymore.
    Skirts certainly are cooler but sometimes pants are just easier to run around in (sometimes literally).
    I LOVE your outfit though! Such a cute skirt.

  4. Love the blowy white shirt!! And the red sandals! The more you wear dresses, the more you get used to it.