Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drivers Education

My second son has just started Drivers Ed at the High School. Listening to him talk about the rules of the road, and all that they are learning in class, has stirred up memories of my own experience. I was terrified to drive on the road. I loved driving on the range where everyone went nice and slow. I was scared of the freeway and petrified of parallel parking. But, I survived as we all do and I LOVED the freedom that came with driving a car. I volunteered to go to the store for my mom and drive my brother anywhere just so I could drive. Oh, to be sixteen again, new license in hand and that feeling of being free...

Sweater: F21, Shirt: Aero, Jeans: Buckle, Boots: Ebay, Belt: Old Navy, Hair Flower: can't remember, Jewelry: Lia Sophia, Watch: Gift from Hubby

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