Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wax on, wax off!

Okay, this is quite embarrassing but, do you wax?

I wax my eyebrows, I have been doing it for years. I love the smooth finish it gives you and I hate to pluck those babies out one by one. Recently I have noticed that my upper lip is looking a bit, um... fuzzy. The hair is really light and hard to see. (unless you are looking at it daily in a magnified mirror, then it is horrific!) I have been thinking about getting it waxed. Can you say ouch?! I have been completely petrified of doing this. Until...I saw a woman who looked like this:
Needless to say, I made an appointment and took the plunge. Did it hurt? Oh yes it did! Does it look so much better? Yes it does. Other than having a red lip for a few hours, I survived the ordeal. That is not to say I am looking forward to doing this again ( and I can't believe I am sharing it with the bloggesphere) but I feel so much better about how I look, even if no one else noticed. So what is the beauty treatment you fear?

This is my Irish Jig in tribute to St. Patrick's Day! (Bonus: It's embarrassing to my kids :))

Sweater and Shirt: AE, Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Payless, Earrings: Gift from hubby, Green Bracelet: Cookie Lee, Gold Bracelet and Necklace: Lia Sophia


  1. Good for you for taking the plunge. (I totally need to start doing this regularly, along with my chin...sigh...but I know I'll break out like crazy afterward).

    Anyhow, the beauty treatment I fear the most is a bikini wax. I normally just wear men's swim trunks with a tankini top to the pool anyhow to save everyone the terror of being exposed to the sight of my naked thighs, so it's not an absolute necessity or anything. The idea of waxing down there makes me cringe, not from the pain, but from the sheer embarrassment of my hairiness!

  2. Bikini wax scares me. I've waxed my upper lip--once. It does hurt. I haven't had the guts to do it again, because when my sister had hers done, she lost some skin. So needless to say, I'm not in a huge hurry.....

  3. This is so funny. I've been considering doing this myself! :) I really need to start coloring my hair and I'm scared to do it. Isn't that funny?! I've never put color of any kind in my hair, but the gray is really starting to make me feel self conscious...

  4. Oh yes I do wax. I wax my own eyebrows, lips, and chin. (I am a hair dresser, so I am a professional) I don't know if any beauty treatments scare me. I have even permed my eyelashes. lol

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