Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sometimes change... is not so good.

Today I decided to try something new with my hair. I was inspired by Syndney over at The Daybook. Although I am not as young and cute as she is I really wanted to try out her cute hairdo. (Besides the reason I got these fun extensions was so I could experiment.)

I parted my hair in the middle, and dried my bangs forward instead of to the side. I then curled the bottom in big curls. As I was drying my hair, I saw it! There smack dab in the middle of my head was a gray hair! Yikes! I have parted my hair on the side for years, so I have not seen this little beauty. I was hoping against hope that I would not go gray for a few more years. The truth is I am approaching 40 and I expect things like this to happen, but you are just never prepared.

To top it all off, when I walked downstairs my daughter gave me a strange look and said, "You look...weird." Since that is the only adjective she uses to describe me, I am not shocked. But whatever, I am rockin this hairstyle today, so get used to it!

Sweater: Target, T-shirt: American Eagle, Scarf: AE again, Jeans: Silver, Shoes: Shoe Carnival, Watch: Disneyland!, Earrings and Ring: Lia Sophia. (Yes, my hands are in some serious need of lotion!)


  1. i thought i saw my first gray the other day actually. i pulled it out but it was just a blondie. i think ... ahh! no!! ;)

  2. I'm almost 40 as well, and it's good to hear that when my 14 year old daughter looks at me weird I'm not alone. I love the way u mix different styles. It appears as if u shop like I love to shop. I just get what I like and wear it, FORGET WHAT'S ON TREND!!!

  3. I honestly think your bangs look cute like this!! Oh, I'm only 28 and I've had gray hairs popping up like crazy lately. I'm associating it with a home remodel and craziness at Mom went gray young so I'm not surprised!! :(