Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For the Love of Shoes

Okay, confession time. I love shoes. I have many, many pairs.

I have run out of room to store all these shoes. Some of these shoes I have had for YEARS. So, the question is, do I really wear all these shoes? I recently discovered a couple of gals in the same boat as me.
These two lovely gals are participating in a shoe challenge. Melody is movin' her shoes and Shoeperwoman has a challenge of her own. I decided to combine these two challenges and create my own challenge. I am going to try and wear all of my shoes within one years time. While this may seem an easy task, it is not. After one year, any shoes that have not been worn are to be given away. (insert dramatic, sad music here)

Step one is to count and photograph all your shoes:

This is part of my shoe collection, there are some under my bed, in my storage room and anywhere else there is spare space to stash them...
When I started this challenge on Feb. 1st I owned 141 pairs of shoes. (yes, I am shocked by the number and it seems to increase daily. Maybe they are multiplying in my closet.) I now own 145 pairs of shoes. (yikes! I told you they were multiplying.)

Every time I wear a pair I put a little colored dot on the box so I can keep track. I am also documenting my shoes on my blog.

Up until now it has been easy, but with the weather warming up I want to wear all my cute spring shoes, but I have not saved worn all of my winter shoes and I am starting to panic. What if I don't get them all worn? I must prevail, I must save them from being given away! 

Someday I will own a shoe closet like this and then I won't have to abandon donate any of my beloved shoes.

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