Monday, March 28, 2011


You may be surprised that as a mother you have a lot of paperwork. Over the past month I have signed so many notes and permission slips that it puts a cramp in my hand just thinking about it. Here are a few of the papers I have signed:
  • Permission to go to La Caille
  • Young Women's Camp (2)
  • Oakcrest Camp
  • Iron Chef Activity (3)
  • Baseball Registration
  • Driver's Ed Disclosure
  • Computer Tech Disclosure
  • Trek Permission Slips (2)
  • Tool Day Permission
  • Boy Scout Camp Permission
  • Planner (every day)
  • Track Choice Papers
Running a family is like running a business and it includes lots of paperwork!

Dress: Chadwick's, Sweater: Dress Barn, Belt: Kohl's, Shoes: Forever Young, Jewelry: Lia Sophia

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