Sunday, March 27, 2011


Two cute Elders spoke in our ward today. One of the missionaries has only been out of the MTC for five days. As I sat next to my 18 year-old son and thought about how in a few short months he will be sending in his own mission papers, my heart ached to think about sending him far from home to serve the Lord. I am proud of the fact that he has the desire to dedicate two years of his life to serve, but my heart is sad because I know how hard it will be for me. I will miss him more than I can even express.

(My belt is totally off center)

Dress and Belt: NY&Co., Sweater: Not Sure, Tights and Shoes: Old Navy, Jewlery: Lia Sophia


  1. You look adorable! Oh, I have two boys and am so excited for when they serve missions (even thoguh they have years to go!)

    Just remember, they will be taken care of by a whole lot of other moms missing their boys :)

  2. I love your ruffled sweater and those super cute purple tights!