Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was able to attend the Young Women's General Conference with my daughter for the first time. It was fun to attend this event with her and I look forward to doing this every year. The talks that were give were wonderful, but Sister Cook's words really made me want to take action. She challenged all of us to be more kind. She challenged us to step out of our comfort zone and perform acts of kindness for those we love and for anyone else that we pass by during the day. I am going to take on this challenge, sometimes I am scared to reach out to those around me, because I fear rejection. But I really want to be more kind and so I am going to take on this challenge, I hope you will join me.

Sweater: AE, Shirt: Maurice's, Jeans: NY&Co., Shoes: Dillards, Belt: Down East, Jewelry: Lia Sophia
(BTW, I put on a gray skirt and heels for the Broadcast.)

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